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Branson shows make Missouri travel & a Missouri vacation fun. The Lowe family show in Branson, Missouri offers show. Lowe family show schedule, discount tickets & Branson travel vacation links.


Welcome to our guestbook. Feel free to browse the hundreds of entries over the past years or to add your own!

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The LOWE Family is our second event live at the new Moriarty High School Performing Arts Center!

     - Moriarty ROTARY Club, NM USA, dbbatem@sandia.net
October 2nd, 2011  2:35 PM



My mom and I think that that was your BEST SONG EVER!!! We absolutely loved it!!! We miss you and the whole fam!!!

     - Lizzy Frazier, Missouri
June 25th, 2011  11:21 PM



You are my favorite family.... Luv you LeeAndra, Bob, Doug,Korrinne, Kali, and all of you. You are so special and mean so much to me. LeeAndra ... Stay in touch and remember that I love you all. You are GREAT!

     - Sherrie Paxton, Sherrie
March 16th, 2011  7:21 AM



Wonderful performance here in Socorro tonight. Thank you for your tribute to all our service men and women around the world and past service and their supportive families. I felt appreciated. I especially enjoyed the fact that the family is multi instrumental. I enjoyed the trumpet player and I voted for Kayli tonight on the CMT finalist. Thanks once again.

     - Robert, Socorro, NM
February 26th, 2011  1:37 AM



Just saw your afternoon show in Largo and it was great as usual. Nice to talk w/Mrs Lowe again. Also just voted a coupleof times (will do more later) for Kayliann's song

     - Ken O'Neil, Largo, FL
February 15th, 2011  3:26 PM



I had the privilege of attending your performance on January 15 at Citrus College. I thoroughly enjoyed your family performing such a variety of musical numbers and was amazed by the talent of each of the family members. What a joy it was to watch a live performance that was entertaining, uplifting and inspirational. Thank you so much and hope you return to California soon.

     - Rose Mullay, California
January 24th, 2011  12:52 AM



On behalf of the Silver Creek Performing Arts Association, I would like to extend our thanks to your wonderful family. We thoroughly enjoyed the concert you presented last evening. What an uplifting experience!! We wish you and yours only the best in your work to bring wholesome and entertaining performances throughout the country. Please know that we would love to have you come to our town again. Sincerely, Marilee Neff, VP SCPAA Board

     - Marilee Neff , Snowflake, Arizona
January 21st, 2011  9:01 PM



We attended your show last nite in Toccoa at the Conf. center. That was by far the Best show we have had in the last 7 or 8 years that we have attended the North East Georgia concerts!! Spectacular! You seem like the kind of family our family would love to have as friends! Thank you for using your God given talent for our enjoyment!

     - Joyce Cape, Clarkesville, Ga.
January 15th, 2011  6:04 PM



My husband and I were invited by our friends to be their guests at your show at the State Theater on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 to kind of give us all a spark for the Christmas Holidays and that it did! It was the most amazing, spectacular and remarkable peformance. Your whole family is so talented in so many ways. Your patriotic peformance at the end of the show was especially breathtaking as was the entire performance. We all still cannot stop talking about what we saw that evening. We certainly hope that you will be performing in Sandusky again and thank you again for visiting Cedar Point last year when you passed through Sandusky.

     - Bev Ontko, Sandusky, Ohio
January 4th, 2011  11:52 AM



We saw your Christmas show at the State Theater with three of our friends, and we were blown away by the talent of your family. We especially enjoyed the little ones and their budding talent. Thank you for taking the time to come our way so close to Christmas.

     - Irene and Ron Wobser, Sandusky, Ohio
December 27th, 2010  11:56 AM


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