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The Lowe Family has performed over 25 years for performing arts, corporate functions, conventions, and tours as a performing family.


Lowe Family

Think colossal. Then think beyond that," says entertainment reporter Julie Kilmer. "Only then do you have an idea of the titanic amount of talent within the Lowe Family. They're a miraculous combination of every kind of musical, theatrical and dance talent you can dare to imagine, and then some!"

The Lowe Family has been entertaining hundreds of thousands around the world for over 25 years. All of the Lowe siblings began studying and performing the music of the masters from very young ages. Soon additional instruments, dance classes, and vocal lessons were added... along with more teachers and more practice time. The rest is history.

Versatile on many instruments, the Lowes offer an amazing blend of show-stopping classical, Broadway, Irish, jazz, bluegrass, old-time favorites, spectacular dance, 6-part harmony, gospel, a stirring patriotic tribute, and more! This high-energy, fast-paced variety show will leave you breathless!

Most recently, Doug and Kayliann won the CMT Nashville Songwriters Contest grand prize and listener's choice awards for their original music. In addition, the Lowe Family performed with the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir and orchestra on their national TV and radio broadcast. They also have been featured as special guests during the Olympics and on China's New Year's celebration televised internationally.

As seen on ABC, CBS, PBS, Time-Warner, and other stations worldwide, the Lowe Family has distinguished themselves as consummate performers across the globe, giving select concerts in Europe, Canada, Latin America, and China, while continuing to captivate audiences throughout America.

"The musical capabilities of the entire family are amazing. They have honed their skills so that they can perform any type of music-and do it with exceptional skill," said Cincinnati Post writer Johnnie Wolfe. "The finale was the best! Simply outstanding!"

Classically trained and multi-talented, the Lowe Family will please the most discriminating buyer! After every performance the same words seem to resonate in the theatre, "How can one family have so much energy and so much talent!?"