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Kara Lowe is a talented singer, musician and dancer that plays drums, percussion, violin, guitar, and does voice overs.

Kara(copper redhead) plays violin, piano, marimba and drums. She has danced on the nationally ranked BYU Junior Ballroom Dance Team. At the age of four she made an instructional film and a TV commercial. She has recorded vocally for the Waterford Foundation. Along with the older five siblings, she received a service award from the Utah Symphony Youth Guild. Known as the family comedienne.

Kara's hobbies include traveling, shopping, writing music, interior decorating, hiking, being in the sun, spending time with friends, shoveling snow, and enjoying a good laugh with her sister, Kayli.

Kara's Favorites


Brown and Black


Burberry perfume and coconut tanning oil


Pink roses and Daisies

Board Games

Don't play cause I never win! Ha! ;)

Outdoor Activities

Tennis, snowboarding, laying out in the sun, test driving Audis, and jumping around in puddles with cute boys when it's raining

Vacation Spot

The Cayman Islands and Ireland

Sports / Teams

Football and tennis


Anything intense/action-filled or romantic. I love Cinderella.


Jamie Cullum, Dave Matthews Band, Celine Dion, Maroon 5

Books / Authors

Anything from C.S. Lewis and Mary Higgins Clark




Chocolate!!! Yeah!!!

Ice Cream



Salmon from Alaska or Chile; Smoothies and Chili's Blackberry Lemonade