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Kami Lowe plays the piano, violin, drums, marimba, percussion for the Lowe Family. She is also a very talented dancer having taking ballroom dance lessons her whole life. She loves to compete in international, latin, and ballroom.

Kami (brunette) plays violin, piano, marimba, mandolin, drums and percussion. Formal violin training began at the age of three. At six years old she began classical piano and, not long after, picked up the mandolin, drums, marimba, and percussion. She is also a competitive ballroom dancer.

Because of outstanding academic achievement, Kami was one of 40 students from across the nation invited to participate on an international mission of music in Europe. She traveled to Brazil to participate in the World Percussion Project, studying with some of Brazil's top music instructors and performers. She and her sister, Kara, were featured percussionists in a performance with Estacio de Sa Samba School (Rio de Janeiro's first and oldest samba school) were they also marched in the Bonfim Festival.

Being a registered Suzuki violin teacher, Kami teaches violin and is actively involved with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Having been bitten by the travel bug, Kami is always up for a good adventure. From paragliding in Brazil to snowmobiling in the Arctic Circle, she loves to do it all!

Kami's Favorites


Purple, purple, always purple!


After it rains, fresh-cut grass


Gardenias, purple roses, friendly flowers!

Board Games

Jungle Speed, Pit, Spades

Outdoor Activities

Hiking, backpacking, floating, para-gliding

Vacation Spot

Do I have to pick just one? Italy, Fiji, Scandinavia, cruise ships...

Sports / Teams

Ballroom Dance, tennis, basketball, football, soccer


Ever After, Emma, & Elf are a few of my favorites. I love movies that make me laugh and think deeply.


Everything but hard rock and rap

Books / Authors

C.S. Lewis, Hugh Nibley, Roald Dahl


Fresh coconuts, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, passion fruit, granadia, to name a few...


Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

Ice Cream

Chocolate...and pumpkin custard :-)


Mmmm...fine dining! I also like coconut water, reindeer soup, hot berry juice, escargot, brazilian fried bananas, European yogurts, french crepes, magdalenas, and salmon are just a few of my favorites!