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Doug Lowe is a songwriter for the Lowe Family. He writes music, sings, dances, plays the piano and bagpipes. He has unbelievable talent and composes and arranges music.

Doug plays piano, organ, electric/upright bass and bagpipes. He also is a composer, arranger, and song writer.

Doug began piano at the age of 6, and can remember practicing as much as 6-12 hours a day. At the age of 12, he soloed with the Utah Valley Symphony twice. Doug was one of 60 selected from the United States to study at the Moscow Conservatory in Russia during the summer of 1990. Nationally and internationally, he has been a top prize winner since the age of 8 on both piano and organ. At age 16 he was invited to give a solo organ recital at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Later, he received the honor of playing the world famous Tabernacle Organ.

In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and other disasters worldwide, Doug wrote the song, “We Will Go On,” which was performed by the Lowe Family on “Music and the Spoken Word,” a national radio and television broadcast.

Most recently, he co-wrote the Grand Prize winning song , "Billboard Girl", for the 2011 CMT/NSAI Song Contest. Along with sibling Kayliann, he continues to pursue a lifelong passion of writing original songs and music for stage and screen in the entertainment industry.

Doug's Favorites


Blue, Green

Board Games

Pit, Settlers of Catan

Outdoor Activities

Scuba Diving, Rafting, Camping

Vacation Spot

Anywhere in the world


Star Wars, The Incredibles, Lord of the Rings, old black and whites, and too many others to list


Classical, Soundtracks, Latin, Pop, Jazz, Bluegrass

Books / Authors

J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Aristotle's Poetics


Mango, Watermelon



Ice Cream

Mint Chocolate Chip


Salmon, Chicago Style Pizza

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